Chickasaw Nation Election Secretary Rita Loder announced the results of the 2011 tribal election July 26.

Chickasaw Nation Gov. Bill Anoatubby and Lt. Gov. Jefferson Keel were unopposed and will serve another four-year term. Incumbent Supreme Court Justice Cheri L. Bellefuille-Gordon was also unchallenged and will retain Seat 3 on the court.

All incumbent legislators were reelected by overwhelming margins.

Pontotoc District Seat 3 incumbent Katie Case, Ada,  was reelected with more than 61 percent of the vote.  Case defeated challengers Mary Ruth Barnes, Fitzhugh, and Barbara Allen Wilson, Ada.

Pontotoc District Seat 4 incumbent Dean McManus, Ada, was reelected with more than 64 percent of the votes.

McManus defeated challenger Matthew Scott Gore, Esq. of Ada.

Pickens District Seat 2 incumbent Connie Barker, Ardmore, was reelected with almost 67 percent of the vote.

Barker defeated challenger Mike Watson, Ardmore.

Tishomingo District Seat 3 incumbent legislator Steven E. Woods, Sulphur, was reelected with more than 68 percent of the vote.

Woods defeated challengers Melanie Peden, Tishomingo,  and Joyce L. Wesley, Milburn.

Elected officials will take the oath of office 11 a.m., Monday, Oct. 3.

For more information, phone  Loder at (888) 661-0137.

Election results


Governor/Lt. Governor

Bill Anoatubby and Jefferson Keel unopposed

Pontotoc District Seat 3

Katie Case 2,163 votes 61.59%

Mary Ruth Barnes 922 votes 26.25%

Barbara Allen Wilson 427 votes 12.16%

Pontotoc District Seat 4

Dean McManus 2,260 votes 64.79%

Matthew Scott Gore 1,228 votes 35.21%

Pickens District Seat 2

Connie Barker 1,400 votes 66.92%

Mike Watson 692 votes 33.08 %

Tishomingo District Seat 3

Steven E. Woods 1,061 votes 68.41%

Melanie Peden 271 votes 17.47%

Joyce L. Wesley 219 votes 14.12%

Supreme Court

Cheri L. Bellefuille-Gordon unopposed


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