ADA — In PR24-001, the Chickasaw Nation Legislative body amended Title 3, Chapter 2 of the Chickasaw Nation Code, concerning the Beverage Control Act, to comply with Oklahoma’s current sale and regulation of alcoholic beverages. The resolution passed with a nine-to-one vote, although Panola District legislator Beth Alexander voiced concern with the issue.

“I understand we need our statutes up to line and keep our regulations current, but I do have a little bit of sadness that this is opening Pandora’s Box, I feel in some ways to come,” Alexander said. “I hope that this tribe works doubletime to develop other businesses as much as we put into this form of sales for our tribe. I would like to see us lead, not follow, in major different businesses and get away from the very vices that bring not only the Native American people down, but all people.”

Other resolutions discussed during the monthly legislative session held by the Chickasaw Legislative body included general resolution 24-001, which served as a resolution supporting the American military personnel and veterans, GR24-003, which appointed Mr. Steve Woods to the board of directors of Chickasaw Nation Industries Inc., and GR24-002, which served as a tribute to Mooniene Ogee, a Pontotoc County legislator who died last month. Also part of GR24-002 was a $1,000 scholarship that was approved that would be available to students for the next 10 years who are majoring in education in honor of Ogee.

GR24-004 was an authorization for acquisition of real property in Garvin county, however committee chair Judy Goforth Parker did not have pricing and appraisal value available until before the meeting for the 10-acre piece of land, which caused some legislators to question price issues.

“That’s a red flag,” Alexander said. “If we don’t have any prices to start with, and now not privy to how much we paid for it when we bought it, that’s not good business. I would like to receive this information before the morning of when we vote on it.”

Tishomingo District legislator Tim Colbert made a motion to table the resolution, although the legislative body as a whole voted against tabling the issue and decided to enter an executive session to discuss the price of land.

“We need to see where they get these prices at,” Colbert said after the executive session. “I think we need to look at if these prices are comparable, because I can’t imagine it being comparable for that amount. I think we’re paying too much for some of this property.”

In the end, a second motion to table passed with six votes yes and four votes no.

Resolutions that passed unanimously included GR24-005 and GR24-006, which were for oil and gas leases in Sequoyah and LeFlore Counties, GR24-007 for utility easements in Stephens County for the new senior citizens site in Duncan and GR24-008, a seismic permit in Garvin County.

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