A man who allegedly assaulted an Oklahoma City cameraman is set to appear in Pontotoc County District Court today at 1:30 p.m.

Johnnie Levi Byrd, 21, Ada, is being charged with one count of suspicion of assault and battery. The assault occurred when a news crew from Oklahoma City news station KSBI was covering the attack of an Ada woman killed by a pack of dogs on Oct. 15. While covering the story, TV cameraman Bryon Akerman, 26, was filming the scene where Rosalie Bivins was killed. During filming several friends and family members of Bivins had gathered at her house. Some of the relatives got into an argument with the news crew and asked them to leave. During the argument, Byrd allegedly approached Akerman and punched him several times in the face, causing him to have a bloody nose. The suspect fled the scene before deputies from the Pontotoc County sheriff’s department arrived, the report said.

After several weeks of interviewing witnesses and informants, deputies submitted a photo lineup in which Akerman reportedly identified his attacker as Byrd. Byrd was interviewed on Nov. 21 by Sheriff Joe Glover and Officer Hugh Odom about the attack. During questioning, Byrd reportedly admitted to striking Akerman in the face. Sheriff Joe Glover said emotions were high at the scene.

“Although I don’t condone what Byrd did, I can certainly understand why he did what he did,” Glover said. Byrd is set to appear before Judge John David Miller.

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