ADA — In the summer of 2005, Valley View Regional Hospital Nursing Service developed a clinical ladder titled “Career Development Pathway” for the direct care registered nurses (RNs). Thirty registered nurses (approximately 43 percent of the eligible RNs) completed the Career Development Pathway requirements in June 2006. The registered nurses are being recognized and rewarded this fall.

Hospital officials said the goal in developing the clinical ladder for Valley View Regional Hospital Nursing Service was to have an increase in the quality of care provided by RNs to its patients. As the RNs worked through the clinical ladder requirements, they learned they already met most of the requirements; they just needed a mechanism to document them. Each of the participating RNs submitted a portfolio of the required evidence. Hospital officials said the portfolios are filled with examples of the provision of caring nursing behaviors, culturally aware nursing care, and collaborative, interdisciplinary patient care. Their accomplishments will positively impact patient outcomes.

A few of the comments made by the participating RNs include:

“You look at your portfolio and are proud of your accomplishments.”

“It helps establish a career plan.”

“It was neat to map out all of the areas in nursing I have succeeded in and see where I may need to improve.”

“It is always a positive thing to increase your knowledge and to be active in what you love.”

The following Valley View Regional Hospital RNs completed the Career Development Pathway for the nursing year 2005-2006: Jody Ardrey, Teresa Bonner, Mylinda Bowen, Penni Brewer, Jennifer Brown, LeeAnna Brown, Carol Bynum, Elizabeth Carpenter, Gina Carter, Connie Christy, Amber Cranford, Shawna DePrater, Patricia DiGiulio, Glenda Gray, Jan Harmon, Lesley Hickerson, Tanya Hudson, Sheliah Jackson, Amanda Moore, Sandy Mosely, Amber Painter, Joni Pillow. Donna Rothell, Jeannine Rutherford, Kaye Sanford, Brenda Smith, Juleigh Smith, Debbie Waddell, Tracy Williamson, and Jayme Wood.

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