Polls for the mid-term primary election will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 27.

Marilyn McDaniel, Pontotoc County Election Board secretary, said voters are encouraged to bring their voter identification cards with them to the polls.  She also said voters who want to get through the line quickly should vote at mid-morning or mid-afternoon because those tend to be the slowest periods for voting.

Republican Primary

Governor:  Randy Brogdon, Roger L. Jackson, Mary Fallin and Robert Hubbard.

Lieutenant Governor:  Bernie Adler, John A. Wright, Todd Lamb, Paul F. Nosak and Bill Crozier.

State Auditor and Inspector:  Gary Jones and David Hanigar.

Attorney General:  Ryan Leonard and Scott Pruitt.

State Treasurer:  Ken Miller and Owen Laughlin.

Superintendent of Public Instruction:  Janet Barresi and Brian S. Kelly.

Commissioner of Labor:  Mark Costello and Jason Reese.

Insurance Commissioner:  John P. Crawford, John Doak and Mark Croucher.

Corporation Commissioner:  Tod Yeager and Dana Murphy.

United States Senator:  Evelyn L. Rogers, Lewis Kelly Spring and Tom Coburn.

US Representative District No. 4:  Tom Cole and R.J. Harris.

Democratic Primary

Governor:  Jari Askins and Drew Edmondson.

Superintendent of Public Instruction:  Susan Paddack and Jerry Combrink.

US Senator:  Jim Rogers and Mark Myles.

County Commissioner District No. 3 (only voters in District 3 will have this on their ballots):  Victor Bolen, Justin L. Roberts and Gene Pete Durant.

District 3 is located in the southern half of Pontotoc County.

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