ADA — A Cleveland County man accused of a 2003 kidnapping and assault on his former girlfriend appeared in Pontotoc County court Monday morning for a jury trial, after extradition from Arizona, and decided to plead "no contest."

William Brent Riley, 41, Rosedale, was arrested and formally charged February 2003 with first degree burglary, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and kidnapping.

According to sheriff's reports, Saturday, Feb. 8, 2003, at 4:54 a.m., a 911 call was placed reporting an assault in a residence three miles north of Byng on S.H. 99.

Reports said Undersheriff Joe Glover responded to the report and found a female victim with a large cut across her face and several smaller cuts on her hands, arms and neck, two broken toes and multiple bruises.

The victim told Glover, Riley came to her house uninvited and knocked on the door. The victim reportedly said she opened the door and Riley forced himself inside. Riley then allegedly attacked the victim, hitting her in the face and arms.

According to reports, Riley told the victim, "If I can't have you, no one else will," and "I will mess up your face so nobody will want you." The victim said Riley held a lock blade knife to her throat while he threatened her, then cut her across the nose.

The victim told Glover, Riley made her clean some of her blood from the floor. At that point, reports said the victim attempted to escape to a neighbor's house but Riley dragged her back by her bottom jaw.

Riley then reportedly forced the victim to drive him to his vehicle in Seminole county, but refused to leave her once they arrived. The victim drove back home with Riley, who eventually left on foot.

After taking the victim's report, Glover received a call Riley had been spotted walking along S.H. 99. Reports indicate Glover located Riley and placed him under arrest.

Reports said Riley maintained the victim was his girlfriend and she invited him to her home. Riley alleged the victim initiated an argument that became physical and attempted to assault him with the knife. Riley reportedly said he removed the knife from her hand but did not know how the victim's nose became injured.

According to reports, the victim received seven sutures to her nose and was treated and released for her other injuries.

Several months thereafter, Riley fled Oklahoma. Court records indicate a bench warrant was issued on Riley's behalf for failure to appear and his bond was forfeited by judge's order.

After hiding for more than two years, Riley was located in Maricopa County, Ariz., Glover said. He was extradited by Pontotoc County and escorted back to Oklahoma under the authority of two deputies, Oct. 22, 2005. Riley's bond was set at $1,000,000.

Once the jury pool filled the courtroom Monday morning and began listening to the judge's instructions, Riley chose to change his initial plea of not guilty to no contest. Riley pleaded no contest to the three original charges and to the newly filed charge of bail jumping in exchange for a ten-year prison sentence, with all but four years suspended.

In addition to his fines and costs, Glover said Riley is also ordered to pay the Pontotoc County Sheriff's department $1,000 for the cost of his extradition from Arizona.