BYNG — Anthony Brian Walker, 24, Ada, was involved in an alleged stabbing of his cousin Jason Chad Walker, 26, at a residence at Byng Nov. 1, according to court records. Jason Walker suffered extensive injuries to his stomach and colon from his chest to past his mid-section from several stabs, that according to Assistant District Attorney Nancy Shew, were made with a black-handled pocket knife with the intent to kill him.

Anthony B. Walker was charged with felony assault and battery with a deadly weapon and is being held in the county jail with bond set at $50,000.

Jason Walker said he received a call to pick up his cousin at a residence in Byng, but when he got there tension was high between some of his relatives including Anthony and his girlfriend. Jason alleges there had been a two-day drinking benge going on at the house in celebration of the end of someone’s probation being over. “Anthony came running at me outside of the house,” Jason said. “I was worried that in a scuffle another of my cousins might get hurt, which he was knocked to the ground and I tried to fend Anthony off. I didn’t even know he was stabbing me he hit me so hard. My cheek was sliced and I used a T-shirt to press into my side. Nobody there was sober enough to help me, so I drove myself to Carl Albert Indian Hospital.”

Jason’s mother Deborah Walker was notified by hospital staff that Jason was being transported by Medi-flight to Oklahoma University Medical Center. By the time she and husband Wayne Walker drove to Oklahoma City, Jason was already in surgery there.

Deborah Walker said the surgeons were concerned about infection from the seepage out of Jason’s sliced colon. His wounds were very close to his lungs, according to Deborah.

Investigators recovered the suspected weapon between the railroad tracks near West 14th, where a witness took them to search. The unnamed witness said she left the residence with Anthony Walker after the altercation to go to Walker’s sister’s home and saw Walker pull the knife out of his pocket and throw it out of the vehicle.

The knife, having what appeared to investigators to be dried blood on the blade, was taken into evidence and photographed. Anthony Walker told investigators he threw the knife away because he was scared and didn’t know what to do.