STILLWATER, Okla. (AP) —Her resume and list of accomplishments are as illustrious and storied as the dolls that surround her, and her intensity is intoxicating.

She is credited as having reinvigorated New York landmark toy store F.A.O Schwartz and was well acquainted with the Pope when she served as president of Treasures Inc., which has exclusive global sales and marketing responsibilities for art, artifacts and print reproductions from the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel.

But Alexander Doll Company Inc. President Gale Jarvis didn’t return to Oklahoma State University to tout her accomplishments or ask for accolades. And even with her professional commitments, Jarvis spent not just a few hours with students at her alma mater, but several days.

“This is a great opportunity to open students’ minds and show them what can be accomplished with the high caliber of education they are receiving at OSU,” Jarvis said.

As Jarvis, an Oklahoma State graduate, recounted her experiences to a gathering of students and admirers at the College of Human Environmental Sciences, a renewed sense of enthusiasm seemed to permeate the room.

“Visiting with not only an OSU alum but an HES alum as distinguished as Gale Jarvis is an incredible opportunity for the students,” said Paulette Hebert, a professor with the department of design, housing, and merchandising. “It ties in perfectly with our commitment to excellence in education.”

Hebert said the students learn more by taking part in field trips, exhibits and other hands-on activities, rather than keeping their noses in books.

And Jarvis’ visit is in keeping with that mission.

“By showcasing successful alumni who built their foundation with an education here at HES, we show our students what can be accomplished and that there is more to design and marketing than these four walls,” said Julie Barnard, a public relations and publicity representative for HES.

For the visit, Hebert wanted to set up several of the Madame Alexander line of dolls for which Jarvis is responsible as a way to inspire students and showcase another avenue for them to travel.

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