ADA — Ada Fire Department and all Pontotoc County rural fire departments urge local residents to adhere to the statewide burn ban which was issued Nov. 15 by Gov. Brad Henry.

A violation of the burn ban is a misdemeanor and punishable by a $500 fine and as much as one year in prison.

Activities prohibited under the burn ban include the following:

4 Lighting fireworks

4 Burning trash or other material

4 Building a bonfire

4 Setting fire to grass, forest, woods, wild lands or marshes

"I would urge all of our citizens to refrain from using (fireworks) because it's not worth the price to be paid," Mayor Donna York said. "So far we've been fortunate, but it's been devastating around the state."

Fire chief Marion Harris said "the ban is still in effect and the governor is prohibiting the use of fireworks, but the sale of fireworks is not illegal." He also said that there will a $500 fine if the bought fireworks are used during this ban.

"If you shoot any fireworks and it damages anyone else's property, not only will you be fined but you will be liable for any damages that will occur."

"If you purchase fireworks, it is illegal to fire them off," Harris said.

Current conditions for fire danger are very high and residents should take extreme caution, said Mark Bratcher, public information officer for the city of Ada.