ADA – Note to would-be burglars: Think twice before you act, because sooner or later the Ada Police Department will get you.

This is the message being sent by a team of APD detectives that has cracked a few burglary rings in the past few months, including one that dates back to summer 2005.

“We’ve been plagued here lately with an abundance of burglaries to area businesses and automobiles,” said APD Det. Tracy Jackson. “We’ve turned up the heat in an attempt to apprehend and prosecute these criminals.”

Recent investigations by detectives Jackson, Capt. Tommy Cosper, Shane Jones and Jason Potter have netted numerous arrests. Approximately 10 suspects have been identified with felony charges pending against several of them.

In a disturbing twist, most of the suspects are under age 18 and their crimes appear to have been orchestrated by adults. One such burglary ring is linked to crimes dating back to July 2005, and involves allegations of kidnapping and prostitution.

“We have arrested an adult female in conjunction with this string of burglaries, which included liquor and convenience stores,” Jackson said. “The juveniles working for this suspect became known as ‘Boppers’ on the streets and they’ve been connected with burglaries victimizing at least eight different people in Ada and Pontotoc County.”

Jackson said the “Boppers” have also been connected with burglaries in Seminole, Cleveland and Oklahoma counties.

Another rash of burglaries struck the Ada area in late December 2005, leaving nine individuals and four businesses victimized. Detectives said that those burglaries were perpetrated by a group of juveniles accompanied by an adult.

“The individuals victimized by this string of burglaries had windows busted out and ragtops cut on their vehicles,” Jackson said. “The damage caused to the businesses consisted of broken windows and doors.”

Jackson said the damage caused by this burglary ring was close to $6,000, while the net gain in cash and/or merchandise for the burglars was valued at around $300.

“The citizens of Ada and Pontotoc County have been a big help in our investigation of these burglaries,” he said. “We would like to ask them to please continue to be helpful in these matters and forward any information they have to us.”

Information on burglaries or any crimes in this area may be reported to Ada Police, the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office, or CrimeStoppers at 33-CATCH.

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