So far, the Byng Burglar has confined his activities to about one square mile in this community, but within those parameters he’s managing to burglarize a lot of homes — some while people are sleeping in them.

Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian is anxious to put a stop to it before somebody gets hurts.

“We’re very concerned the burglar is going into homes while people are there,” Christian said. “The burglaries have all been in the north end of Byng. We’ve increased our patrols but if anyone can give us any information, we’d appreciate it.

“If they see anything, we’re asking them to please not confront the individual, but to call us,” Christian said. “We’re trying real hard to figure out who this is.”

Christian said from the amount of property homeowners are reporting missing, it doesn’t appear more is taken at a time than one person can carry out.

Still, they’re not ruling out more than one person.

One of the items stolen was a dirt motorcycle, which authorities found abandoned in a ditch beside a road. Deputies heard some dogs barking in the distance but it was dark and they believe the burglar escaped into a thicket of trees.

Another source of concern is the fact three rifles and a pistol have also been stolen.

Some of the property has been stolen out of unlocked vehicles and homes, so the sheriff is urging residents to be sure and lock their homes and vehicles.

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