Karry Out Korner C.jpg

(Photo by Richard R. Barron)


A thief broke into a local business and got away with several thousand dollars in cash.

Ada Police Officer Michael Meeks responded to a local convenience store — Karry Out Korner — and met with owner Dinh Trang Monday.

“Trang showed me damaged ceiling tiles throughout the east hallway, a ladder next to an ice machine, more damaged ceiling tiles in the store office and a ladder outside the door,” Meeks said in a report. “Trang said she was missing three bank bags containing $7,000 and several cigarette cartons from the office.”

Meeks said the burglar broke into the store through the roof.

“(I observed) a ladder raised up to the roof on the outside of the east door,” Meeks said. “I found an empty backpack, a black pry bar and a cloth cap on the roof. I observed a section of torn back shingles on the southeast corner of the roof and a lifted section of plywood on the northeast corner.”

Police have security video of the break in which happened at about 3 a.m., Meeks said. The case was turned over to detectives who have a suspect.

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