Staff Sgt. Joshua D. Huckeby recently received a Bronze Star for his role in the Afghanistan war. Huckeby served as an operational and training advisor to the Afghan National Army (ANA). In his advisory capacity, he successfully trained ANA Company leadership in various aspects of Battle Drills, Tactical Maneuvers and Presence Patrols during Afghanistan’s first Parliamentary elections in 2005. Huckeby participated in more than 40 combat missions in numerous areas of the country with his ANA Company, and occasionally with elements of US Army Special Forces and US Marines. His Bronze Star citation describes, in part, that “He and his ANA counterparts were engaged with enemy small arms fire. As a result of their training and SSG Huckeby’s guidance, the enemy was successfully repulsed and the missions were concluded without friendly casualties.” Huckeby has served four years on active duty in the US Army and four years in the Army National Guard and plans to continue his service while pursuing his degree in aviation at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. He recently returned from a one-year volunteer assignment in Afghanistan. Above, he holds a military weapon retrieved from the enemy during an assault.

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