ADA — Pontotoc County Commissioners approved plans for a state bridge project in the northwest corner of the county Tuesday. Approval of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation project BRO-162(115)CO means construction on a bridge on County Road 3440 in district 2 could be as soon as 18 months from now.

A bid of $27,674.42 for a 2,000 gallon emulsion (hot oil) tank with heater and agitator was awarded to Paving Maintenance Supply, Inc. of Edmond. Also approved by commissioners were juvenile detention contracts with Western Plains Youth and Family Services at Beckham County Regional Juvenile Detention Center and Muskogee Youth Services.

It takes a court order from a judge for a juvenile to be sent to a juvenile detention center. These centers are running at near capacity as temporary holding facilities where juveniles await hearings and custody placement. County sheriff’s offices are reimbursed their mileage and in some instances per diem from the Office of Juvenile Affairs of the state of Oklahoma for transporting juveniles to the contracted facilities.

“The detention centers are not treatment-based, however, they do provide an hour per week counseling service to each juvenile held, as well as recreation time, and interaction with local faith-based volunteers as positive role models,” Rhonda Burgess, public relations for Office of Juvenile Affairs, said.

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