Ada police were investigating a bottle of water that burglars left behind  after breaking into WPS Wireless early Monday morning.

 Police say the bottle of water belonged to no one handling the investigation, and they are hoping it will reveal some unexpected evidence as to who the burglar might be.  

After breaking in on the east side of the building at 3100 Arlington, the thieves made off with three laptops, one P.C. desktop computer, two customer computers that had been brought in for repairs, a few hard drives and a 47-inch Samsung LCD flat-screen television. 

Once inside the business office, the burglar or burglars confiscated a digital camera, some business checks, reading glasses and some computer ink.  

Officer Phillip Wood is investigating the second-degree burglary.

The burglar left by the back door, got into his car and left tracks in the parking lot for investigators to evaluate.

Wood photographed the tracks, but no suspects had been discovered as of Tuesday morning.

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