ADA — Ada Planning and Zoning Commission elected a chairperson and vice-chairperson to the commission for 2006 Thursday and approved requests by various private property owners to split existing lots.

Current Chairperson Bob Neman was re-elected by a unanimous vote as was current Vice-chairperson Shane Sweeney.

Co-owners of the Village Inn property on Cradduck and Kerr Lab Rd. were granted approval to re-join the motel as one unit. A decision in May of 2005 split the property which enabled the former owners to separate ownership of the additional businesses that had developed on the property. The current owners expressed plans to begin a $75,000 renovation of the motel in the future.

Two private land owners, with properties in the 1000 block of Clemons Dr. and the 3000 through the 3100 block of Ahloso Rd. were granted lot split approval for construction of single family dwellings.

The current owner of a property on the west side of the 1700 block of N. Broadway was granted deed approval for the sale of a 1.58 acre tract of land to the Chickasaw Nation.