KONAWA — Konawa has asked for Konawa Beautification Committee's assistance in raising $4,000 in funds to open and operate the Konawa swimming pool this summer.

This amount includes salaries for lifeguards, pool manager and chemicals for the month of June. The swimming pool is also in need of paint and minor repairs prior to opening. Plans call for the pool to be opened by June 1 to meet the start of summer at the Veteran's park in Konawa.

The K.B. Committee will need help from businesses, churches, parents, children and other organizations to raise the funds that are required to operate the pool this summer. Sponsors say several fund-raisers will be organized over the next two months. Anyone who would like to make a donation of time or money should contact one of the people on the committee.

The opening of the swimming pool in the park this summer will provide the area and community youngsters a worthwhile and needed activity on those hot summer days.

Parents will welcome the advantage of having the pool available for a summer-healthy activity for their children.

If the goal is not met, it is possible that the swimming pool will not be open for the summer of 2006. We know we are asking a great deal from our community, but the children in our community and surrounding communities that use our pool are worth this effort.

This is a great challenge for the committee and the community to provide support for this needed project. The K. B. Committee says "Thank You" to everyone who has supported our committee and it's projects."

Please help if you can in any way. If you are interested in assisting us with this project, please contact us.