Pontotoc County residents woke up to a scene right out of It’s a Wonderful Life Wednesday morning, but for this county, it was all show and no muscle, according to the National Weather Service office in Norman.

The soft, thick fluffy stuff, at best was expected to top out between one to three inches with the possibility of some sleet mixed with rain Wednesday.

Temperatures, however, are mostly expected stay above freezing except on Thursday and Friday night.  On those nights, no precipitation is expected to complicate traveling plans, anyway.

Before we disrespect the front too much, though, meteorologist Matthew Day in Norman warns there could be some surprises. “We’re right on the edge,” he said. “If the temperature drops five or 10 degrees, it changes everything.” 

Until that happens, though, the National Weather Service is staying away from the dreaded “I” word.  Traveling is not expected to be a problem all week, but Day said motorists should remain cautious, especially Thursday morning, after Wednesday night’s low, which was expected to drop to about 30 degrees. Motorists could see some small accumulations of freezing rain Thursday morning. 

Day said he wasn’t seeing any fog in the forecast over the next few days.

Thunderstorms are possible for Thursday morning, but with clouds mostly giving into the sun by lunch, with an expected high near 53.  East and southeast winds of eight to 11 miles per hour can be expected, along with a 70 percent chance of precipitation.

Thursday night’s low could drop as far at 24 degrees with west, southwest winds at six to nine miles per hour, becoming north, northwest after midnight.

Friday’s high is expected to reach 44 degrees with winds of five to seven miles per hour.

The temperature will probably drop back to about 25 degrees without precipitation Friday night with a high near 50 degrees Saturday.

Temperatures on Sunday are expected to warm up into the lower 60s. The weather — in a word — can be termed “sloppy” 

For more information go to www.srh.noaa.gov.