Dexter Pruitt

Dexter Pruitt

Ada Evening News

Ada’s Beautification Committee was abolished in June by city council after a March 24 meeting in which the committee chair used a racial slur.

During discussion of action on proposed properties, committee members talked about making local property maintenance ordinances more strict.

One committee member suggested enacting ordinances similar to Edmond’s.

“We don’t want to be that mean but if we don’t get on top of our town we’ve got too many n-----s and Mexicans moving in,” said Committee Chair Dexter Pruitt.

Laughter followed.

Pruitt, who was elected committee chair earlier in the meeting, declined to comment on the incident.

Committee Vice Chair Ernie Sheppard also declined to comment.

Committee Member Vauda Cowan, Pruitt and Sheppard have since resigned from the committee.

Ada Mayor Dick Scalf said he thinks the racial slur probably had something to do with city council’s decision to abolish the committee.

Council Member Greg McCortney said a lot of factors led to the decision.

“There were a lot of contributing factors,” he said.  “We got to a point where I think there were only three members on the committee and one of them was brand new.  The timing of a lot of factors came together to make it a good time to abolish it and possibly start over with a new focus later.”

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