STRATFORD — Ada Evening News subscribers and other area residents should be on the lookout for a scam.

A Stratford woman said Tuesday she received a phone call a couple of weeks ago from a man in Arizona claiming he was selling subscriptions to the Ada Evening News. The woman accepted the offer, providing information and her debit card number. After failing to receive her newspapers, she began checking into the transaction. Although her account had not been debited, there is still a chance her debit card could be used in the future.

Dawn Keathley, circulation manager for the Ada Evening News, said newspaper staff never ask for credit card information when they are contacting prospective subscribers.

“We only ask how our subscribers want to pay,” she said. “One way to prevent a subscription scam is to ask for the Ada Evening News phone number and call us back.”

The main number for the newspaper is (580) 332-4433. The direct line for circulation is (580) 310-7505.

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