ADA — A light-hearted comedy about living and working in a small town, and for a difficult boss, will be presented Wednesday through Saturday in East Central University's Dorothy Summers Theatre.

“Bargains,” a modern-day play by Jack Heifner, will begin at 8 each night. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for senior citizens and non-ECU students. ECU students, staff and faculty will be admitted free with valid ID cards.

The play centers on three girls working in a small town’s department store, two of whom are going through hard times. Their boss is “troublesome,” said director Theo Peshehonoff, resulting in moments of comedy.

“It deals with how we get through the day,” he said.

“It's set in an environment we’re all familiar with and people we all can relate to — aunts, moms and dads, friends. They’re all people we know.

“Or,” he said, “they might be some of us.”

Peshehonoff said one of the underlying themes is how corporate America is taking over small town stores. The department store in the play is being run out of business.

“It's also a relationships story,” he added. “People are hard to get along with, even friends. But the end is uplifting. We realize we just want to live each day and relax.”

The play does not “beat us over the head with a message,” Peshehonoff said. “It’s on the lighter side. We could all use some of that.”

The play does contain one instance of adult language, he said.

Adam Randell, Allen senior, will play the boss. The department store workers are Kelli Lowe, Holdenville senior; Karena Gollihare, Ada freshman; and Lucretia Nixon, Durant sophomore. Chris Hicks, Allen sophomore, plays the town's florist and Geoff Tritten, Oklahoma City sophomore, plays the brother of one of the girls.

The doors will open at 7:30 p.m. Reservations may be made by phoning (580) 310-5756.