A popular local golf course was the victim of a burglary Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Owner of the Eccentric Duffer, Ken Hobbs said someone stole four driving range mats, a greens flag and more than 4,000 golf balls.

“They just about put us out of the driving range business,” Hobbs said. “Somebody did.”

Hobbs said the mats were octagon shaped and very heavy so he believes two people were involved. The golf balls are valued at about $4,000 and the mats at $2500.

“Somebody’s building their own private driving range somewhere,” Hobbs said. “It ticked me off just a little bit. Cause we try at this particular course to keep the costs down to where anybody can play and everybody can come hit (golf) balls.” Hobbs said they’ve had nearly 70 benefit tournaments at the Eccentric Duffer.

“It’s not that we're a big money maker it’s just that this is sort of my retirement fun,” Hobbs said. “I grew up here, this is my home. Over the years I played a lot of golf and I wanted other people to learn. We’ve had a lot of kids camps out here.”

Pontotoc County sheriff’s deputies are investigating the matter and Hobbs said the golf balls are marked with the letters, GBGC.

The Eccentric Duffer is located on County Road 1550 — also known as Reeves Road — west of Ada. Anyone having information about the burglary can phone the sheriff’s department at (580) 332-4169.