A nativity scene is missing its most important character — the baby Jesus.

As part of Christmas celebrations, Ada Area Ministerial Alliance has set up a nativity scene for several years, only to find a prankster has taken the baby Christ from the manger. The scene is set up at Dr. Roy Doty’s residence across from Wintersmith Park.

Saturday morning, Doty notified Pastor Gary Brandt of Baby Jesus’ disappearance. Fortunately, a stand-in was available for filling the part. The back-up was created during the last disappearance.

Brandt said the figure was nabbed from the scene two years ago only to reappear a few days later on someone else’s lawn. During that time, Brandt had the maker of the scene figures create another one.

The nativity scene was not a cheap one to come by, Brandt said. When the maker crafted the pieces, $1,000 was spent on materials, not counting the time, effort and meticulous attention paid to detail.

Brandt said he hopes the baby Jesus reappears as it did last time. He does ask that if there is anyone who has information about the kidnapping, to phone 580-332-3433.

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