ASHER — Asher School recently received a DEAR Bookshelf Award for $250. The grant will be used to purchase books for the school library, said Whitney Allen, certified library media specialist at Asher.

“Reading is the fundamental basic in all curriculum,” Allen said. “Unfortunately children are not reading. As a society, we’ve lost our love for print.

“After reading Jim Trelease’s ‘The Read Aloud Handbook,’ I’ve realized that all efforts need to be focused on rekindling our love for reading,” Allen said.

The National Center for Educational Statistics in the National Reading Report Card estimates only 45.7 percent of fourth grade students read for pleasure. Trelease estimates the average kindergartner will have watched approximately 6,000 hours of television which is more than it takes to get a bachelor’s degree.

“My goal, in collaboration with our entire teaching faculty at Asher Public School and our principal, is to develop a climate that will enhance every opportunity to develop a love for reading.”

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