ADA — Ada Fire Department has responded to several brush, grass, business and home fires recently. Firefighters investigated a report of smoke at a residence on Kerr Lab Road. The property owner said he was burning brush piles when wind had stirred sparks at 17300 block of C.R. 3560. An incident command was established where additional resources from Union Valley, Stonewall and BIA could be coordinated to contain the fire.

AFD responded to a residence north of the Brook on County Road 3470 where the owner was burning debris even though there is currently a burn ban in Pontotoc County.

A grassfire was extinguished at 10900 block of C. R. 1480. Witnesses told firefighters they had seen a vehicle with a man and woman leaving the scene.

A brush fire in the 17300 block of C.R. 3560 that had been previously extinguished flared back up, requiring firefighters a second time. AFD assisted Homer firefighters with a small grass fire on four acres that started near the right of way near the 12500 block of C.R. 3590.

Firefighters reported that a fire that was an illegal controlled burn of a trash pile in a creek. The property owner told AFD that he was unaware of the burn ban. The resulting grass fire in the 11600 block of C.R. 1500 took several tanks of water to get it under control. Firefighters from Oil Center also responded.

Fire spread from a dog house to a storage building with minor damage to the storage building in the 20200 block of C.R. 3620. An extension cord had been run from the storage building to the dog house for a heat lamp. Firefighters were unable to determine if the cord had been chewed or worn.

A report of a burning coat thrown from a vehicle window at 7th and Monte Vista was called in to AFD. The fire was confined to the coat, and little specific information was given on the vehicle.

Firefighters responded to a single vehicle accident at North Country Club Road at C.R. 1510. The vehicle was on its side partially blocking the roadway. The driver was attended to by EMS workers.

AFD responded to a grease fire in the 400 block of North Mississippi. The report blamed the fire on a deep fryer overheating. The automatic extinguishing system above the deep fryer activated and the employees managed to finish putting the fire out with a portable extinguisher.

Firefighters responded to a report of smoke in an apartment at 526 S. College due to a cloth rag and some lint behind the dryer smoldering. Firefighters removed the dryer and extinguished the smoldering fire, then ventilated the apartment. The dryer was not damaged. Firefighters advised the occupants to clean all the lint from the dryer and utility area before hooking the dryer back up. The electrical smoke detectors were not operational.