ADA — Chimney Hill Daughters of the American Revolution met Feb. 14, at the Ada Arts and Heritage Center. The meeting was led by vice-regent, Lou Ann Hoover, assisted by Lorraine Hooker and Marie Spears.

The American History Essay winners read their entries. Lou Ann Hoover, American History Chairman, introduced the three winners. Their essays were written from the topic “300th Anniversary of Benjamin Franklin”. The fifth grade winner from Willard School was Alexandra Smith, daughter of David and Sarah Smith, her teacher is Mrs. Kelsey Blackwell. The seventh grade winner from Ada Junior High School was Rebecca McClain, daughter of Dr. Richard and Nancy McClain, her teacher is June Hughes. Rebecca’s grandparents attending were Mr. and Mrs. McClain and Mr. Nelson. The eight grade winner from Ada Junior High School was Allyn Ross, daughter of Lee and Sheri Ross, her teacher is Bob Payne. All winners received a medal, a gold Sacajawea coin, and a certificate.

Marie Valentine Watkins Spears was honored on her 95th birthday with cards, gifts and singing of “Happy Birthday.” Watkins grew up on a farm near Hobart that her grandmother, Amanda Watkins drew, and homesteaded. Watkins’s grandparents came to Oklahoma from Illinois, her grandfather was older than her grandmother and died before the family moved to Hobart, he is buried at Newalla. Her’s father, Porter Watkins, was too young to draw for land, so he took his mother to El Reno to sign up. The family had to farm the land for five years before they could receive a deed. After Amanda died, Porter bought the land from his siblings. When Watkins’s parents died, the family had an auction, Watkins’s husband had the high bid. The farm is leased, wheat is the primary crop raised. Watkins’s farm is a centennial farm, a plaque is visible from the road.

The state conference was discussed, the dates are April 27-29 at Oklahoma City. Phyllis Inslee won the door prize. Hostesses were Lorraine Hooker, Alba Little, and Marjorie Cerney.

The next meeting will be held March 14 at 1:30 p.m., at the Ada Arts and Heritage Center. Speaker will be Gila Pederson, Women in Law Enforcement. Hostesses will be Pat Christensen and Joyce Gentry.

Guests attending were Alexandra Smith, David Smith, Sarah Smith, Sam McClain, Rebecca McClain, Richard McClain, Nancy McClain, Dick and LetaRae McClain, John G. Nelson, Allyn Ross, Lee Ross, Shari Ross, Fay Spears Kristjansen and Dana Hill. Members attending were Marie Spears, Lou Ann Hoover, Lorraine Hooker, Joyce Gentry, Phyllis Inslee, Pat Christensen, Letia Butler, Alba Little, Carlene Benson, Jessie Glover, Katherine S. Howry, Martha Moyer, Elizabeth Witherow, Marjorie Cerney, Jan Harris and Michele Cook.

Latta HCE

LATTA — The Latta Home and Community Education group met for its February meeting at J.D.’s Cafeteria with Kathryn Floyd presiding.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited in unison. Pat Forehand read the HCE creed. Sylvia Brantley offered the blessing and the devotional. Since it was Valentine’s Day, the devotional was about the ABC’s of what Valentine’s Day should mean and what we should try to do every day, not only on Valentine’s Day.

Roll call was answered with “How do you display your photos?” The readings of the minutes and treasurer’s report were read and approved. A motion was made by Brantley that each member donate $5 to the club to help support part of the club’s yearly projects. There was discussion of various projects, but those approved for the year were Relay for Life, Diabetes, Red Cross, United Way, lap robes for nursing homes and “Ouch Bears.”

The meeting was turned over to Brantley for the lesson on “Preserving Your Photos.” She recommended that names and dates be put on the back of each picture, but make sure the ink is dry before stacking one on the other. Many of the members have pictures that have no name, date or anyone to ask for the information. If you have a picture in a frame, you may want to write a story on a separate sheet of paper and place it inside the frame, behind the photograph.

Each member was reminded of the County Council Meeting Feb. 24 at the Agri-plex. The Southeast District Meeting is March 6 at Coalgate. The registration fee is due by Feb. 24.

The next meeting will be March 14 at J.D.’s Cafeteria.

Those attending were Jodie George, Sara Pritchett, Jan Manuel, Sylvia Brantley, Pat Forehand and Kathryn Floyd.

Preceptor Delta Phi

ADA — Jean Erickson hosted the meeting for Preceptor Delta Phi, Chapter XP535, at her home at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 7. Members present were Juanita Sutton, Nina Dapris, Bobbye Darbison, Marlene Green, Carol Winton, Lucille Collins, Juanita True, Jean Erickson and Annette Rhoads.

The meeting was opened with members standing and repeating the opening ritual. The minutes were read by Green, secretary, and the treasurer’s report was given by Carol Winton. Erickson reported on her trip to the Will Roger Follies at the Civic Center at Oklahoma City.

Sutton read mail from International and Collins read information on the yardstick from the Gray Book.

The club’s social will be held Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. in Collins’ home.

The program consisted of exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts with secret sisters.

The next regular meeting will be held at the home of Bobbye Darbison at 6 p.m. March 14 with rituals on the agenda.

The meeting adjourned with all members standing and repeating the closing mitzvah.

Ada Writer’s Club

ADA — The Ada Writer’s Club met Jan. 15, 2006 at 2:30 p.m. in the conference room of the Braly, Braly, and Coyne office. Beth Beck, 2005 president, presided. Leilani Beck read the minutes of the December meeting. The members present elected Matt Champine as president for 2006 and continued to support Ken Lewis as vice president. No new secretary or treasurer was nominated. Matt Champine also agreed to be the OWFI representative and reporter. Beth Beck will serve as calling committee until June. The programs for 2006 were discussed, and members volunteered to provide programs. The purpose of the club was also discussed. Dania Deschamps-Braly read the Jan. 8 Daily Oklahomam review of her book Thirst. Homework assignments were given for a story summation and a list of characters. Members attending this meeting were Beth Beck, Leilani Beck, Dania Deschamps-Braly, Matt Champine, Ken Lewis, Aren Howell, and Sharon Moudy.

The February meeting will be held Feb. 19 at 2:30 p.m. in the Braly, Braly, and Coyne conference room on 421 West 14th Street. Dr. Michael Hughes, ECU history professor, published author, and former editor, will present a program on “What an editor wants from a writer.” A writer’s workshop will be held after the meeting until 5 p.m. The public is cordially invited.

Happy Elders

ADA — The Happy Elders of Asbury United Methodist Church met Feb. 14 at the Family Life Center for a covered dish luncheon. Charlotte Landrith read two articles of interest. Barbara Walters asked the blessing.

Those attending were Glenna Hunt, Barbara Walters, David Walters, Orval Ballard, Lorene Ballard, Mary Murray, Paul Landrith, Charlotte Landrith, Nancy Phillips, Lattie Jones, Ethel Jones, Bruce Jones, Joe Jared, Joyce Jared, Jeane Kemper, Merle Ballard and Eddie Ballard.

VVRH Auxiliary

ADA — The members of the Valley View Regional Hospital Auxiliary met Feb. 14 in the classrooms for visiting and a Valentine’s Day social. Bobbie Plumlee, president, opened the meeting and welcomed those attending.

The tables were decorated with a Valentine’s Day motif, by Pat Morgan and Jennie Glover. After visiting and partaking of refreshments, the decorations were given to members, by way of drawings. Those who received door prizes were Anne Bradford, Ann Lucas, Barbie Moon, Norma Roberts, Connie Watson, Mary Sue Roberts, Dorothy Weiss, Martha Moyer and Ruby Firsching.

Mary Sue Roberts entertained the group by telling humorous stories, and Plumlee told a humorous school story.

Those attending were Jeanie Tolliver, Mary Sue Roberts, Wanda Privett, Nancy Duck, Delores L. Davis, Gene H. Davis, Pat Morgan, Betty Neely, Norma Roberts, Jennie Glover, Bobbie Plumlee, Anne Bradford, Ruth Davidson, Ina Suydam, Dorothy Weiss, Ann Lucas, Linda Cutler, Barbie Moon, Dena Oliphant, Clara Dean Doolen, Ruby Firsching, Roy Watson, Connie Watson, Betty Park, Jane Boomhower, Martha Moyer, Linda Clayton and Ann Scott. Guests attending were Dean A. Brown and Betty S. Brown.

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