ADA — Valley View Regional Hospital Sleep Center announces its five-year term of accreditation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).  

According to hospital officials, with this recognition, Valley View Regional Hospital will be the first rural hospital sleep diagnostic testing facility to be fully accredited by the AASM, serving the Southern part of the State of Oklahoma.

The AASM is a professional organization dedicated to the assurance of quality care for patients with sleep disorders. The accreditation process is the national standard for sleep diagnostic centers.  

Valley View sleep center has been under the leadership of Kristi Bond, director of Sleep Lab Operations, since 2005. The sleep lab provides a modern, well-equipped, two-bed facility specifically designed for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.  The center also offers sleep studies for the pediatric population. 

“We are excited about the opportunities this will provide to Ada and surrounding cities,” said Bond. “Our goals are to continue to hold a leadership position in the field of sleep medicine, and to continue focusing on providing quality healthcare services to our patients and physicians.” 

Mavis Frazier, a registered polysomnographic technologist, and Vickie Osborne, both residents of Ada, are the nighttime sleep technicians. Hospital officials said these technicians, along with Valley View, are committed and dedicated to the health and well-being of those who are affected with a sleep disorder all around the communities.

The Valley View Regional Sleep Center also announces the initiation of a full service CPAP clinic, offering CPAP machines, equipment, supplies, and consultation.  The services include CPAP and Bi-Level set-ups using only advanced equipment that provides information downloads based on the data collected during the use of the CPAP unit; Consultation and re-education for patients who are already on CPAP therapy and have questions or concerns; supplies that include replacement tubing, masks, humidifiers, etc.; and an in-depth follow-up program in which follow-up forms are mailed to the patients to achieve compliance and satisfaction of CPAP treatment. All of these services are provided by an Oklahoma licensed Respiratory Therapist.

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