ALLEN — Allen High School’s Family and Consumer Science class conducted a trade fair Dec. 2-3.

According to Jan Long, Allen High School teacher, the goals of the tade fair were to teach the students: How to start their own company; how to make a profit; how to get along with others and build team work; how to work with deadlines; how to sell to the public; how to make a marketable product; and how to advertise a product and work with the news agencies .

Each student invested at least $5 of their own money into their company. When the show was over the students were allowed to keep the profit from each of their companies.

The company with the highest profit margin won a steak dinner during lunch at school. That company was “The Bakery” operated by Megan Disharoon and Trista Williams. They invested $14.54 and sold $112.00. They took home $97.46 representing a profit margin of 87.02 percent.

Awards were given for the Best Booth Display. The Sweet Shop operated by Heather Neslon and Destiny Johnson captured the award. Best Sales People award was shared with Triple Play operated by Brenton Lewis, Tyler Harrington and Kevin Heck and the Sweet Shop. The most Unique product was the Winter What Nots run by Chris Thyne and Chance Shires, selling scented potholders. Last but not least the Most Professional was the North Pole Company operated by Samantha Manuel, Benton McCullough, Curtis Baldinger and Tim Sherrin.

“This project was a huge success. The total amount of sales were $3,875.40,” said Long.

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