A Pontotoc County family is suing their neighbor alleging the neighbor’s dog attacked their daughter in April.

Christi and Mickey Brown filed a civil lawsuit Tuesday in Pontotoc County District Court against Ada residents April Mosier, Arthur E. “Chip” Tribbey and Joshua Halsey. The Browns are seeking more than $10,000 in damages, but that figure may change as the case moves through the courts.

The lawsuit said Mosier and Tribbey own a Rottweiler named “Buddy” which may have been abused by previous owners and trained to be vicious.

Buddy allegedly attacked the Browns’ daughter, Emily, without provocation on April 14, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit said Emily was rushed to Valley View Hospital for emergency surgery following the attack and will likely require follow-up surgery and a skin graft.

The lawsuit alleges Mosier and Tribbey knew Buddy was vicious and they were responsible for keeping him from attacking Emily.

“They breached that duty by allowing ‘Buddy’ to attack Plaintiff Emily Brown without provocation, and Plaintiff Emily Brown suffered injuries proximately related to Defendants Mosier’s and Tribbey’s breach of their duty,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit alleges Halsey owned the property where the dog was kept and he knew the dog was vicious. Consequently, the lawsuit said Halsey was responsible for preventing the attack on Emily.

Mosier said she was not aware of the lawsuit because she had not been served papers as of press time.

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