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Dillon Guerin, right, and Roger Alan Stinchcomb Jr. were arrested in connection with burglarizing vehicles Wednesday.


 A man who reportedly burglarized several vehicles at a residence was detained by the property owner Wednesday while another man fled.

Pontotoc County sheriff’s deputies responded to a call in the pre-dawn hours from a property owner on County Road 3545 just south of Ada. Cody Loyd told authorities someone was breaking into vehicles on the premises.

Dillon Thomas Guerin, 18, Ada, was captured and detained by Loyd while his alleged accomplice, 18-year-old Roger Alan Stinchcomb Jr. of Stonewall, escaped into the woods, according to authorities.

“While en route I observed a silver-colored car traveling northbound approximately three miles from the residence at a high rate of speed,” Deputy Kevin Wood said in a report.

Wood said the driver of the car, later identified as Stinchcomb, ducked his head down as he passed his patrol vehicle.

He radioed to another deputy to follow the car.

Wood arrived on scene where Loyd was standing guard with Guerin.

“I began speaking with ... Guerin who was on the ground,” Wood said. “He was bleeding from his mouth and his cheeks and eye were swollen. I asked him what he was doing out here.”

Guerin reportedly replied that he and his friend were stealing batteries. While Wood questioned Guerin, deputies Wesley McElhannon and Brent Rhoads conducted a traffic stop on the fleeing vehicle.

After receiving information from Wood, deputies took Stinchcomb into custody. Loyd told deputies he was sleeping in a travel trailer when he heard two male voices outside and went to investigate. He reportedly saw Guerin and Stinchcomb, who immediately fled.

He gave chase, and caught Guerin and a fight ensued. Loyd wrestled Guerin into custody while Stinchcomb ran away.

Authorities said several batteries had been removed from various farm equipment and placed near a treeline.

Guerin refused EMS treatment for injuries he received during the confrontation with the property owner, according to Wood.

Guerin and Stinchcomb were arrested on suspicion of second-degree burglary, knowingly concealing stolen property and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Guerin was also arrested on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of burglar tools and bringing contraband into a jail.

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