A man who allegedly tried to steal beer from a local grocery store left behind a pickup and cell phone after wrestling with a store employee.

Police responded to Nichols Dollar Saver at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and spoke with Mark Hiner, the store’s assistant manager.

“Mr. Hiner advised that he stopped and confronted a man at the inner exit doors who was trying to hide a 12-pack of beer under his coat,” Ada Police Sergeant Kevin Hood said in a report.

“Mr. Hiner advised that the suspect then tried to walk past him, at which time he grabbed the suspect.”

Hiner said the man took a swing at him so he tackled him and attempted to hold him until police arrived. The man broke away and fled, but not before leaving a coat and cap behind.

“Inside the coat was a cellphone, a set of car keys and a lighter,” Hood said.

The keys were for a General Motors vehicle and there was only one GM vehicle in the parking lot — a red 1993 pickup — so Hood tried them in the lock.

“The keys were tried on the pickup and found to fit,” Hood said.

The pickup was impounded. Hood said the vehicle belonged to a man identified as “Roy Shinn Jr.”

In a photo lineup, Hiner identified Shinn Jr. as the man who allegedly stole the beer and assaulted him. No arrests have been made at this time, but the suspect could be arrested on suspicion of robbery by force or fear.

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