Pontotoc County Commissioners at a Monday meeting said a farmers’ market would be held at the Agri-plex on Mondays from 3 to 7 p.m. starting May 2.

Commissioners voted to declare Wednesday, April 13 4-H day.  

Holly Wade, a member of the Meat Science 4-H club, said the club would be holding a “Change for Change” fund-raiser for the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“We’re going to  carry buckets around town on Main Street, Broadway and all over the stores and ask people if they would like to donate change,” she said.

Dick Scalf, representing landowners and other parties interested in the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer, spoke to commissioners about ongoing legislation and efforts to ensure equitable water usage in the aquifer.

“This is going to affect everybody in this area forever for good or bad,” Scalf said.  “You guys are all stakeholders.” He asked commissioners to keep up with changes in water legislation for the aquifer.

“What do you see that the county could do to help?” asked District Three Commissioner Justin Roberts.

Scalf suggested support for legislation to cover water used by pit mining.

“The way the law sits right now, everybody else has to account for the water they use on the aquifer,” he said.  “The mines don’t.  They have to pump that water out to mine that rock and they have to do something with it.  A lot of times, they just run it off down the creek somewhere.”

He said one mine in the area uses as much water as the city of Sulphur.

Commissioners encouraged Scalf to give them any new information and they would try to help.

Commissioners also voted to accept a bid from Eagle Roofing for $9,950 for work on the Agri-plex roof.

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