By Bethany Walling

Staff writer

ADA — Monday’s torrential rains did more than damage roadways and vehicles in Pontotoc County.

High water infiltrated a number of area homes and businesses, including the home of Andrea Shipp and her three sons. The family was forced to leave their home in the 500 block of N. Hope when the house was invaded by more than a foot of water.

Shipp and her oldest son, Garrett, were at a local hospital Monday when the storm began. Garrett was having his gall bladder removed when Shipp received a call from her two sons at home. “It was about 11 a.m. when they called and said two bedrooms had flooded,” Shipp said.

Not able to leave her oldest son at the hospital, Shipp waited until he was in the recovery room before returning home. By then, her house was inundated with water and all she could do was save hers and her children’s clothing and a few personal items.

“We just lost so much,” Shipp said. The amount of water that flooded the house left Shipp and her sons homeless.

Luckily, Shipp had already applied for a new home with the Ada Housing Authority. She contacted the Authority and was quickly relocated.

The Shipps did not only lose their home, but many of their personal possessions and all their furniture.

“We had to leave a lot of stuff behind,” Shipp said. “We tried to save as much as we could, but eventually we gave up because we were too tired to get anything else out.”

Shipp knew she needed assistance replacing items like her mattresses, linens, and certain immediate necessities, so she contacted the Pontotoc County Branch of American Red Cross.

“The Red Cross assisted the family with their immediate emergency needs,” said Pontotoc County Branch Manager Brandy Albritton.

Shipp has not let this experience dampen her spirits, and she is grateful for the people who helped her family. “Brandy has been just a sweetheart,” Shipp said through a tearful smile.

Shipp wanted to be clear that her and her family are not asking for personal donations. “We received all the assistance we need from the Red Cross,” she said.

“If you still feel the need to donate, donate to the Red Cross.”

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