ADA — Ada City Schools Foundation recently announced its awards to Ada High School, Washington, Hayes, Glenwood, Willard elementaries and Ada Junior High School.

Ada High School Teachers

Kris H. Earle and Deanna R. Compton receive $517.07 for “Life and Death Decisions: The Holocaust in France.” Kay Gamble Faulkner receives $996.43 for “Anatomy in Clay II.” Cindy Byrd, Ronnie Brendle and Martha Nelson receive $150 for “Ada High School: You Can Go Anywhere From Here.”

Lynn Hollingsworth receives $400.00 for “3-D Facial Reconstruction: Identifying Skeletal Remains,” $837.20 for “’One Bite Out of Crime’: Forensic Odontology!”, $898.44 for “Heat It Up! Cool It Down! A Study of Thermodynamics,” $878.90 for “Build It Up!! Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories in Chemistry,” $1,000 for “DesigNAr Jewelry,” $1,000 for “The ‘Eureka’ Syndrome: A Fun and Exciting Way to Explore Chemical Reactions!,” and $1000 for “’Blast Off!’ Hydrogen Fueled Rockets.”

Washington Elementary School Teacher

Jill Brown receives $242.35 for “Crocodile Hunters on the Loose!”, $405.41 for “This Land is Your Land!”, $347.26 for “Float Like a Butterfly...”

Hayes Grade Center Teachers

Robin Nelson and Janet Truitt receive $654 for “Just Get the Facts!” Becky Rhynes and Vicki Simpson receive $912.31 for “cBay (Cougar Bay) The Way Today’s Kids Shop!” and $977.90 for “Rub-a-Dub-Dub Let’s Learn From a Tub!” Marie Wilson receives $311 for “Boom-Whack Band”, $164 for “Woody WHO? Woody Guthrie, That’s Who!”, $74 for “How Do You Make Sound?” and $234 for “Hooray! We’re All Different!” Kenda Horne and Janet Truitt receive $507.10 for “HEY! What’s in the Tub? Wow! I Want to do That!” Pat Stewart, Marie Wilson, Tammy Cannon and John C. Netherton receive $2500 for “Music, Movement and Me.”

Glenwood Elementary Teachers

Kathy Evans and Cindy Brady receive $54.38 for “Mud Pies.” Margaret Eason and Kathy Evans receive $327.30 for “Inside Out,” $600.01 for “We Got Rhythm,” and $443.37 for “Play It Again.” Mandy Morgan receives $600 for “If Beethoven Was a Chicken, Would He Say “Bach, Bach?”

Willard Elementary Teachers

Donna Large receives $152.99 for “Get to the Point!” Lee Ann Hoover receives $386 for “FORENSICS: Can Science Identify the Perpetrator?” Loretta Feiler, Lyn Pyrum and Anna Robbins receive $239.25 for “Built for Speed!”

Ada Junior High School

Abby Phillips, Rhonda Rice and Cheryl Reed receive $350.76 for “Generation Connection.” David Smith, Abby Phillips, Rhonda Rice and Cheryl Reed receive $881.56 for “Finding Our Way.”

A joint effort between Laura Dorman, Hayes Grade Center, and Nita Fowler, Washington School, is funded $61.23 for “Copy Cat” for PAWS. Martha Nelson, Melissa Wright, both of Ada High School and Ann Mayes, Ada Junior High, receive $567.24 for “They Did It Their Way - Can We?”

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