ADA — Ada Christian Song writer finds huge success on the internet with his talent.

For 73-year-old Ada resident Ted Baio it is a dream come true beyond his wildest imaginations.

Baio who is an accomplished musician and song writer  recently released a new song he wrote last year. The song Lord You Can Count On Me, was offered on two of the largest music companies that are world wide.

His single release received more than 14 thousand hits in one month which is considered a huge success. At the same time, Baio also released a full length CD album titled Hymns of Worship. He recorded the organ music first and then recorded the key board, the studio mixed the two together. It is instrumental only and has 17 of the old-time hymns of the church.

Baio said he was so surprised when he got his monthly report that his CD album sold 480 albums in one month.

Baio also recorded a full length CD  titled After the Storm. It was a true life experience that he went through in hurricane Rita.

On Sept. 23, 2005, Baio lost his home and all of his personal belongings in the hurricane.

The CD was recorded before an audience of 4,000 a few months after Hurricane Rita. It includes true stories about the Catholic and Baptist churches, Walmart, Home Depot, Albertsons, Chase Bank, Stine Lumber and Shoney's Restaurant.

An eye witness to the storm, Baio rode the storm out at Villia Maria Retirement Center which is a part of Our Lady Queen of Heaven complex in Lake Charles,  La. He was superintendent for the retirement center at that time.

Baio won his first piano contest when he was just 5 years old. He won $5, but that was a lot of money in 1944.

His mother raised eight children by herself in Los Angeles and so Baio knows what it is to be poor.

"Back then they did not have food stamps and welfare, no money, no food; it was rough but it instilled in me a good work ethic," Baio said. "There ain't no free lunch.

"I love Ada, I have only been here since December of last year, but this is my home now. Ada is a great city and Oklahoma is a great state."

Baio's music is available for sale through and iTunes.

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