ADA — Latricia Bryant, executive director, announced that the Ada Regional United Way has successfully completed all of the United Way of America membership requirements satisfactorily. The requirements include: Membership Requirements Certification, Membership Investment, and the DataBase 2 Survey of Total Resources Generated (a survey that captures the full extent of a community’s resource development efforts during the year).

“It is important for us to maintain a high standard of accountability and this is part of the process to document that our operations are transparent and meet or exceed United Way membership criteria requirements,” stated Bryant. “ The membership standards must be certified annually in order for us to remain a member of the United Way system.”

“The board of Ada Regional United Way has reviewed and approved the Membership Requirements. The certification mandated completion of 13 requirements for United Way system,” stated Brian Gallagher, president and CEO, United Way of America. “We applaud and congratulate Ada Regional United Way for demonstrating their commitment to the mission and ideals of United Way by completing the recertification process.”

Ada Regional United Way is part of a system of more than 1,300 United Ways. Each local United Way must complete the United Way of America’s requirements annually in order to retain its United Way of America membership.

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