ADA — Donald Gilliam, Ada, phoned Ada Police Friday night and told them he had just shot a man who robbed him.

Gilliam told Ada Police Sgt. Kevin Hood that Joseph Jussely, Ada, punched him in the side of the head and barged into his house after he answered a knock at the door. Jussely reportedly grabbed a prescription bottle and ran out the door. Gilliam said he went after Jussely with a 410 shotgun and fired one shot at Jussely near his pickup parked on B Street.

Jussley was treated at Valley View Regional Hospital emergency room for pellet wounds in his torso, both arms and face, according to Ada Police Officer Shannon Butler.

Jussely told police he “pawned” a CD player and CDs to Gilliam and repaid the money a couple of weeks ago, but said Gilliam told him he didn’t know where the items were. Jussely said he and his wife drove to Gilliam’s house and parked at the back where Gilliam and his son were.

Jussely told police Gilliam and his son began beating him and he managed to get away. Jussely said he tripped at the street curb in front of the house, twisted his knee and fell. Jussely showed police an abrasion to his right shoulder where he skinned it on the roadway and also claimed a female tried to hit him with an iron pipe before he ran away.

Jussely said his wife told him Gilliam had a gun just before he was shot. Jussely’s wife helped him into his pickup and they went to a friend’s house before going to Valley View for treatment.

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