ADA - Anthony Bekinnie, 45, Ada was sentenced to 30 years by Judge Landrith in court today on a felony charge of first degree rape in connection with a 13 year old girl. Defense Attorney Rob Neal requested that the district attorney’s recommended sentence of 20 years be reduced because Bekinnie was drunk and did not know he had sex with the juvenile. Neal also said “The sentence recommendation is out-of-line with similar cases where sex occurred more than once.” Assistant District Attorney Chris Ross countered with “Your honor, this is not statutory rape, she did not consent.” Bekinnie was sentenced to serve 20 years in the Department of Corrections and 10 additional years on probation after release.

The victim allegedly took prescription medication before the rape occurred and told a family member the next day that her privates hurt. Later she told authorities she was unaware that sex had taken place and did not know how she could be pregnant or who would have done that to her. According to the affidavit of probable cause filed in November 2005 by Officer Tracy Jackson the alleged victim had a baby in September 2005 and DNA testing of samples was performed by OSBI proving Bekinnie was the father of the baby. Bekinnie has been held in the county jail since November 21 without bail.

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