ADA — Ronnie Treat, Ada, was arrested Tuesday morning for suspicion of unlawful entry by Deputy Brian Engel of the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office. The house occupied by Shanda Treat on SH99 was allegedly entered by her husband who was separated from her for six months according to Ms. Treat.

The suspect had already left the residence when Engel arrived. Ms. Treat told the deputy that she was not injured, but that Treat had showed up at her residence with another man and a woman uninvited and broke into her house. She said he came into the back bedroom where she was sleeping and began arguing with her. During the argument she states that Treat pushed her in the bathroom and she fell against a shelf knocking it down. At that time, about 2:17 a.m., she placed a call to Central Dispatch requesting a deputy’s assistance.

Deputies went to East 9th Street where he was told Treat was living. Not finding him home, Engel then observed a red Dodge pickup, matching the description given him, pull into the Love’s Country Store on Mississippi. Approaching the man leaving the vehicle to enter the store, Treat identified himself to Engel. After reading Treat the miranda warning, whereby he indicated he understood his rights, Treat agreed to give a statement.

According to the statement given, Treat intended to catch his wife cheating on him, but not to hurt her. Treat said the door was unlocked and he walked in, went to the back bedroom and found Shanda and another man. Treat stated they got into an argument and he told her what he thought about her sleeping with the other man and walked off. He also stated that Shanda told him to leave and as he was walking out of the bathroom she slammed a door on him which hit him in the back. He said he slammed the door back and hit her in the side. Treat said that at the time he left, his woman that came with him also left with the man found at the house in the man’s car.

Treat appeared in district court where a court date was set for March 27, at 2 p.m. for him to appear.

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