ADA - Rumors about the Ada High School football coaches were not an issue at the Ada Board of Education meeting held earlier this week.

“There was some discussion and someone thought there was going to be discussion at the board meeting about the future of some of the football coaches and that was not the case. There was never anything on the agenda regarding the coaches,” said Pat Harrison, superintendent of Ada Public Schools.

Board members approved a lease purchase agreement between Pontotoc County Special Education Co-Op and Vision Bank. Ada Public Schools provides services for all special education children in Pontotoc County.

“We were needing to purchase three buses for the special education program,” said Harrison. “We don’t have the money to pay for the three buses up front so we are doing a lease purchase with Vision Bank to pay for the buses over the next three years.”

The school board also voted to approve Title VIII policies and procedures relative to tribal involvement.

“This is something that we do on a yearly basis and is standard,” Harrison said.

The dates for next year’s board meetings, which is required by Oklahoma’s Open Meetings and Records Act, were also approved.

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