ADA - Ada City Council members declared three more properties dilapidated and ordered their removal at Monday night’s meeting.

The owner of the first property, located at 624 West 10th street, asked council members for an extension until June or July. He stated that he wanted to have the house moved to some property he owns in the country and that he had already been working with a house moving company. Council members went ahead and declared the house dilapidated and explained to the property owner that he has 30 days to appeal the decision and that during that time he could start the process of moving the house.

“I’m sure the house movers know more than I do,” said Barbara Young, council member, “but I don’t see how they could move this house in one piece.”

“I don’t see how it could be economical to try to move this house,” said Dick Scalf, council member.

The second property declared dilapidated by council is located at 630 West 10th street. Randy McFarlin, director of parks and recreation, informed council that this house had apparently been vacant for several years.

The third property declared dilapidated is located at 812 West 10th street. This location has both a house and a garage apartment behind the house.

“The garage apartment partially burned after we started this process,” said McFarlin.

City council members also approved a two percent pay raise for City Manager David Hathcoat. His raise will equal $1,959 which will be divided over the remaining months of the fiscal year.

Hathcoat gave an update to council concerning street repair and other projects. He said the lake study technical review board has given the results to C.H. Guernsey and Company.

Plans to widen Arlington are complete and have been submitted to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

Construction on the intersection of 4th and Broadway encountered some problems and the plans had to be redesigned, causing a slight delay.

Once the intersection of 4th and Broadway is complete construction will start on Ware Street.

The East Main Street designs are complete and the street renovation is set to begin after the first of year.

On Constant street, city crews are working on drainage and the project should take a few months. They are currently working at 17th and Constant.

There is also work being done on a design of a retaining wall for East 18th street between Mississippi and Stadium Dr.

“On the south side of the street the city is going to install a subsurface retaining wall which will not be seen from the roadway. The wall will protect against further erosion of dirt sliding downhill,” said Mark Bratcher, public information officer for the city of Ada.

On the north side of the road there is already private retaining walls, but they are on the city’s right-of-way. They plan to construct a new retaining wall that will be moved slightly to the north to allow for future widening of East 18th street.

In Hammond Heights the city is working on plans for a detention facility for drainage.

Of the many street construction projects going on and planned for the future, 10th street is not one of them.

“The asphalt was stripped away by the storms this summer. They discovered that the concrete base was in pretty good shape,” said Bratcher. “David Hendricks who is over Public Works thinks the surface is good. They are going to make some repairs such as patching holes, but there won’t be any major rebuilding on 10th street in the immediate future.”

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