ADA — The Ada Area Youth Shelter hosted an open house in September to allow the residents of Ada to tour the new facility. No longer located at 900 N. Susan, a new shelter was built at 910 W. 18th. “We have more office space, better facilities and a more efficient use of space with the new building,” said Jim Begin, executive director of the youth shelter.

The Ada Area Youth Shelter has been serving the area for more than 35 years. According to Begin the dated building’s functionality was at risk. The new building is larger, 10,508 square feet, but houses the same amount of beds, 12. This allows for more space to be utilized as offices. The shelter has been at its new location since the end of July. “Everything is on track and I’m very impressed,” Begin said about the progress and design of the new shelter. The playground has received some new equipment and the old equipment is still in the process of being moved to the new location.

The Ada Area Youth Shelter houses 350 residents a year and helps 500 youths with its outreach counseling services. “We provide services to families and schools, as well as individuals, with our counseling services,” said Begin.

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