By Justin Lofton

Staff Writer

ADA — Ada Area Chamber of Commerce received more blank census forms for residents who haven’t sent in their census information yet, Julie Hightower of the chamber said.  She said the chamber has over 200 forms left.

Billie Floyd, United States Census Bureau employee, said many rural residents still have not received census forms to fill out. 

“Anybody that did not get a census form, if they’ll run by the chamber of commerce, all they have to do is fill it out,” Floyd said.  “It’s stamped and ready to go.”

She said letters have been going to residents who have not turned in census forms yet stating that they will be interviewed by census bureau employees.

“Apparently, (the census bureau) has sent letters to people telling them that if they don’t have their census turned in by such-and-such date, somebody’s going to come call on them,” she said.

Floyd said anti-government sentiment has also kept residents from filling out surveys other than the decennial census forms which are distributed by the United States Census Bureau.

“Right now, everybody’s angry with the government,” she said.  “It’s kind of a frenzy.  I’ve had I don’t know how many say, ‘I’ve told them how many people live here and their sexes and that’s all they need to know.’  It’s been really tough.”

Floyd said she is conducting the Current Population Survey, which keeps track of employment status of residents and is not the same as the shorter decennial forms residents received in the mail.

“That information is taken, not by name, but only the demographics of the interview are used to find out what the employment picture is like in every county in the United States,” she said.

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