By Loné Beasley


The Gospel Station Network’s Randall Christy says the fact his dream of reaching people with the Gospel celebrated its tenth anniversary last week has more than a hint of the miraculous in it.

“We could never have planned on our own the doors that have opened before us we didn’t even know were there,” Christy said.

Christy is founder and president of the Latta based organization and currently has 10 stations and affiliates in Oklahoma, Texas and Mississippi, as well as “We started out playing 24 hours of Christmas music on 89.9FM in 1998. Then in January 1999 we switched to gospel music and that’s what we’re still doing. We still take five days around Christmas to play Christmas music and will celebrate our anniversary with 24 hour Christmas music,” he said.

Christy said People’s Electric Co-op provided the floor and tower space to get the operation on the air a decade ago. “It was a small room in which we operated the first seven years and when PEC moved, we moved too.” Today the operation requires several buildings and continues to grow. “Our latest affiliate is 105.1FM,” he said.

Broadcast outlets are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the totality of Christy’s vision for reaching the world for Christ. “We have a family of ministries.” He said in the last three years The Gospel Station Network’s World Mission Team has seen over 52,000 decisions for Christ in Africa, Mexico and the Philippines. On the drawing boards, though not operational yet, is a radio station in Nigeria.

“And we have licenses to build radio stations in other places,” Christy said. “A new affiliate will start January 2 in Bartlesville, another in Wichita Falls, Texas this spring, and we expect to build a station in Duncan also.

“We have thousands of people all over the world who subscribe to our newsletters.”

Another member of Christy’s mission family is Cowboy Camp at 3-Crosses/Ken Lance Arena where youth rodeo Bible camps, vacation Bible schools, Cowboy church and Christian concerts are conducted. In Mexico the Pulliam Children’s centers minister to babies and underprivileged children.

“We just finished a drive for warm clothes for the homeless that is going by truckload to Nashville, Tennessee where a friend has a shelter for the homeless. Nashville is estimated to have 11,000 homeless people,” he said.

As if all this weren’t enough to keep him busy, Christy also pastors Union Valley Baptist church where he and his family have been serving for 22 years.

Christy said a lot of people are involved in growing the organization, including seven who work with the operation full time, ten who are part time employees, and ten who are independent representatives.

“The Gospel Station Network is the central, unifying organization where people of all different denominations come together to magnify the Lord,” Christy said. He said aside from music, the station is a conduit for churches, schools, and civic organizations who want to announce their events. The Gospel Station Network is a non-profit, 501-C3 operation.

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