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During a recent drive along Route 66 across New Mexico, the authors came across an attraction outside Albuquerque that offers a little education but is mostly fun and certainly bizarre.

When Ada native Jennifer Payne was first learning to skate, she borrowed her father’s old plastic skates for a lap around an ice rink.

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After more than 93 years the Doughboy statue at the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center will get a fresh look.

The good that e-cigarettes have done — helping many people stop smoking tobacco cigarettes — can’t overshadow the risk they pose to young people, who have been given the impression too often and for too long that these kinds of devices are benign.

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(RNN) - Now a post-tropical cyclone, Florence has left the Carolinas, but the danger from the storm’s heavy rain and high winds has not ended, with further flooding expected in the region.

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