Boy Scout Troop 13’s Literary Odyssey docks at Hasting’s Book Store in Ada May 7 from noon to 2 p.m. Scoutmaster Dr. John Garber and his minions will be signing Neil Shusterman’s  latest book, "Everfound,"  the concluding chapter of the "Everlost" trilogy.

When Dr. Garber was asked why this would be the last book, he looked dumbfounded and said, “Because if there was another one, it wouldn’t be a trilogy.”

In October 2009, Neal Shusterman came to Ada to assist the Scouts with their Reading Merit Badge. While in Ada he talked with many of the area school children. 

He received this year’s Oklahoma Sequoyah Award for his futuristic thriller "Unwind." This is the second time he has won this award; his first book being "What Daddy Did."

He has done screenplays for the TV Series "Goosebumps" as well as movie scripts for the Disney Channel and other Hollywood studios. Some of his other books have been the popular Antsy series, "The Schwa Was Here" and Antsy Does Time,the action-packed "Full Tilt," and recently the deeply moving, "Bruiser."

Scoutmaster Garber and the Troop 13 Scouts are characters in Shusterman's newest book "Everfound."

Considering that everyone is dead in the world of  "Everlost," Troop 13 is looking forward to their role in the book. Even though they have not read an advance copy of the book, which is to be released May 3, the scouts have concluded they are probably the stars of the book even though they are only in it for three sentences. The words “damsels in distress” has been bantered about in their dreams. 

"I just hope that if it is made into a movie, that either Brad Pitt or Weird Al Yankovitch are available for my role, which I’m sure is pivotal in the story," said Garber. Shusterman likes me and he knows which side of his bread the butter is on, if you know what I mean.” 

He also wanted to emphasize that the scouts will not be charging for their autographs, but if any good looking women want to thank them with a kiss, it’s okay as long as they don’t have a lot of yucky lipstick on.

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