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The 2017 National Ground Water Association’s Darcy Lecture, delivered by Dr. Kamini Singha, is set for Thursday, Feb. 23, at 2 p.m. in East Central University’s Estep Multimedia Center in the Bill S. Cole University.

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The Ada News and Abba’s Tables, a nonprofit dedicated to feeding hungry Adans, are teaming up this year to meet the organization’s most pressing needs.

  • By Justin McDaniel OSU Extension 

The short spans of warm weather we have been experiencing and some much needed rain has got many people with spring fever. Gardening is on many people’s mind and they have already started thumbing through the seed catalogs. Now is the perfect time to begin to plant some early season vegetabl…

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Golden oldies will come alive 7 p.m. today during the McSwain Theatre’s Jae L. and the Crossover 50s and 60s show at the historic theater, 130 W. Main Street.


We’ve just completed our second week of the 2017 session. The pace of our work has picked up dramatically as we move toward our deadlines for committee action, then votes by the full Senate. This past week, I presented my first bill in committee. If it is approved by both chambers and signed…


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WASHINGTON — Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt on Friday won Senate confirmation to head the Environmental Protection Agency, a federal agency he repeatedly sued to rein in its reach during the Obama administration.

Oklahoma News

  • Emily Summars | Enid News & Eagle

"A search warrant was served, and officers saw alcohol, marijuana and liquor."  — Sgt. Ryan Fuxa 

  • By Mack Burke | CNHI News Oklahoma

NORMAN — Sen. James Lankford spent just more than an hour in a telephone town hall with 3,000 Oklahoma constituents Thursday night, fielding questions from his Washington, D.C., office.

  • By Sarah Nishimuta | CNHI News Oklahoma

Woodward Middle School students had an opportunity to hear a unique perspective on the Holocaust Thursday afternoon.

  • By Rachael Van Horn | CNHI News Oklahoma

It was just a statement made between two brothers.

  • By Jeff Mullin | Senior Writer

Oh boy, this is going to be exciting.

  • By Elizabeth Ridenour | CNHI News Oklahoma

A former Wagoner County man who has a previous manslaughter conviction and a pending murder charge pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday to a drug charge.

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  • By Jacob McGuire | CNHI News Oklahoma

NORMAN — In an unexpected turn of events during a deposition Thursday, a man charged in connection with the 2008 first-degree murder of Cory Jay Bodily asked to spend the rest of his life in jail. He got his wish.

  • By Emily Summars | CNHI News Oklahoma

Oklahoma State University graduate and Enid businessman Dr. Barry Pollard was inducted into the Oklahoma State University Hall of Fame last week.

National News

  • By Emily Langer | The Washington Post

Norma McCorvey, who was 22, unwed, mired in addiction and poverty, and desperate for a way out of an unwanted pregnancy when she became Jane Roe, the pseudonymous plaintiff in the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that established a constitutional right to an abortion, died Feb. 18 at an assisted-living facility in Katy, Texas. She was 69.

  • By George Seidel, Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University | The Conversation

It’s been 20 years since scientists in Scotland told the world about Dolly the sheep, the first mammal successfully cloned from an adult body cell. What was special about Dolly is that her “parents” were actually a single cell originating from mammary tissue of an adult ewe. Dolly was an exact genetic copy of that sheep – a clone.

  • By Jill Nolin | CNHI State Reporter

ATLANTA – Lawmakers will hit pause and take more time to review an environmental issue left unresolved by a 2015 court ruling.

  • By Jill Nolin | CNHI State Reporter

ATLANTA – Would-be donors are waiting on state lawmakers to sweeten a tax credit benefiting fragile rural hospitals, says a legislator pushing for changes.

  • By Kery Murakami / CNHI Washington Reporter

WASHINGTON - Last Thursday night, Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., got a small taste of the emotions that some members of Congress have encountered back home.

  • By Cydney Baron | CNHI News

PRYOR, Okla. —A long-time substitute teacher in a small Oklahoma city is facing felony charges for exposing junior high students to pornography in class.

  • By Andrew Boyd, Assistant Professor, Biomedical and Health Information Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago | The Conversation

Wearing a fitness tracking device could earn you cash from your health insurance company. At first, this sounds lucrative for the people who participate, and good for the companies, who want healthier insurance customers. But it’s not quite so simple.

  • By Aaron Blake | The Washington Post

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump toyed with the idea of deploying a "deportation force" to round up and deport undocumented immigrants. Then he waffled on that proposal for a few months.

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