"Oklahoma, where the quakes come shaking down the plains." This should be the new opening line for the state song "Oklahoma!”

Who would have ever thought we would be more concerned about what's underneath the ground that can cause damage to our homes, than what's above the ground?

Enid News & Eagle’s in-depth collection of stories on earthquakes in Oklahoma


But the real earthquake that is coming is in the voters. The recent polls show that 41 percent of voters think that the state leaders are doing a “poor” job. The reason for the dismal rating is because it's true! We have a govemor and her retro Repubs who are taking a Laissez-faire attitude on everything. We have a governor, who could use her bully pulpit to marshal the public sentiment to get something done, but instead sends forth her apparatchiks to say that her office is really ineffectual and has no influence over the other state agencies.

While it is true that Oklahoma has a very archaic and weak gubernatorial system, it is also true that a govemor is only as effective as he or she wants to be. Currently, we have a "don't wannabe" governor who wants to do nothing that is going to effectively change the causes of earthquakes other than appoint a group to study them. 

In the meantime, the earthquakes are probably going to continue increasing in intensity due to the inaction of a do-nothing governor and Legislature. But each earthquake is shaking the voters out of any allegiance to the Republican Party's current leadership. At some point, the voters are going to rise up and create their own political earthquake that neither the governor nor the retro Repubs are going to like.

— Stephen P. Gray, Broken Arrow

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