Oklahoma Corporation Commission has known for long time that high volume disposal wells cause earthquakes.

OCC’s Commissioner Dana Murphy and Spokesman Matt Skinner were informed by Bob Jackman, Tulsa geologist, on actual earthquake causes during a lengthy Aug. 19, 2014, meeting at OCC with state Sen. Jerry Ellis, House Media Director Mike Ray and Jackman.

Commissioner Murphy knew published seismicity science, peer-reviewed reports detailing Prague and other Oklahoma quakes are being caused by disposal wells. In my opinion, they have declined to be honest with the public.

On Matt Skinner’s recent Enid News & Eagle quotes, correction needed: OCC did not focus on Medford until after the Tulsa World and Energy and Environmental Policy News labeled Medford as Oklahoma’s earthquake capital.

Murphy and Skinner for years have used their press releases  as cover-ups, saying to the effect that “Solutions are at hand,” and “We need more studies” and “OCC is making progress!” But the earthquakes keep getting stronger!

Having been to Medford three times and published six articles on Oklahoma’s runaway earthquakes, which entailed contacting many seismicity expert sources and concerned citizens from Medford to Cushing to Stillwater and Perry, I have never heard or read of state Sen. Anderson or state Rep. Pfeiffer (he voted for Senate Bill 809), plus Oklahoma House Speaker Hickman, ever stating publicly any concerns or involvement with earthquakes issues until 2016. To my knowledge, they were not at the Capitol earthquake conference sponsored by state Rep. Morrissette.

Oklahoma Senate Bill 809 made legal drilling inside any city’s limits. It took away Oklahoma’s cities and citizens’ right to self-government — forced to bend to the will of outsiders’ almighty profit dollar.

Bob Jackman


Jackman is a petroleum geologist and former U.S. and international oil and gas operator.

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