ADA — Oklahoma First Lady Kim Henry presented the winners of the first Made In Oklahoma (MIO) coalition recipe contest Thursday, June 8, 2006, at Harry’s Video and Appliance, Oklahoma City.   This year’s grand prize recipient, Mary Shivers, Ada, received a $5000 KitchenAid™ appliance makeover.

“Winning this first MIO recipe contest is quite an honor given the number of entries submitted from across the state,” said Mindy Koenig, marketing coordinator with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry.  “We had 635 entries and there were a lot of outstanding recipes for our judges to select from.”

Celebrity judges included Tulsa television’s, “Kitchen Kimberly,” chef Kurt Fleischfresser from Discover Oklahoma television, Carol Smaglinski, Oklahoma Gazette Food Editor, and Chelsey Simpson, Oklahoma Living Editor.

First and second place winners in the main entrée category were Leah Lyon, Ada; and Billie McCabe, Tulsa.  First and second place winners in the dessert category were Karen Ruhl, Enid; and Mary L. Clements, Oklahoma City.  These winners will each receive a KitchenAid™ countertop appliance and a year’s supply of selected MIO food products.

Lyon will also receive an “Oklahoma State Parks Get-Away” and Ruhl wins a family trip to Tiger Mountain Ranch Resort, Henryetta.

The contest was created to promote MIO products and encourage creative cooks to find new ways to use them, Koenig said.  Rules called for original recipes using at least two MIO company products.

The winning recipes are available on the MIO coalition website at Recipes can also be obtained by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to MIO Coalition Recipe Roundup 2006, PO Box 54386, Oklahoma City, OK 73154.

Shivers’ grand prize recipe was “Red Earth O’riginal Ribeyes with Maiden Oklahoma Glaze.”  Other winning recipes included “My Honey Lamb and I’ron Skillet Fajita Cassoulet,” “Gourmet Tomatillo Burger,” “The Ultimate Spice Cake,” and “Minco Chocolate Delight.”

Mary Shivers grew up with six sisters and a brother on a rural farm in Stratford. Shivers’s mom, who will be 83 this summer, taught each of the children how to cook at a very young age. As Shivers grew older, her mother’s kitchen was always open where the children were able to cook and create recipes of their own. Shivers and her siblings all live within 50 miles of home, and holidays are always a huge food fest. Shivers lives in Ada, about 15 miles east of Stratford, on a 60-acre farm with her husband Phil Shivers. He is the elementary principal at Latta School where Mary teaches pre-kindergarten. Mary has been teaching at Latta for twenty years. Prior to that, both Mary and Phil taught at Pioneer Dependent School in Chickasha for five years. They have two sons, Derek, age 26, and Tyson, 21. In addition to her love of cooking, she enjoys golfing, fishing, and traveling with her husband.

Originally from Stratford, Leah Lyons has lived in Ada since college days at East Central University. She is now employed at ECU after working for an environmental contractor several years and teaching for three years. Lyons has four daughters, Desiree', 14; Devin, 12; Dominique, 9; and Dawsyn, 5; all of whom are involved in numerous athletic and other activities. Lyons comes from a family of great cooks with mother, a true southern belle and awesome southern cook, as the head of the kitchen.

“Mama always encouraged my sisters and me to cook from an early age and taught us the importance of a good meal. My daddy was a great taster,” Lyons said. A tried and true Okie, Lyon’s father came back from WORLD WAR II with a love of seafood, tropical fruits, and more. He was always buying something unusual at the grocery store just so they could try it. Lyons owes her knowledge and love of cooking to her mother and curiosity and daring nature with food to her father. Lyons also extends thanks to her husband, now, for being patient and open-minded when it comes to her passion for recipes and food.

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